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Seven Churches

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  • for me this is the roots of death metal…this was the first album that i remember buying when i was a kid that i thought had gone too far. i realize now that i was comparing this to slayer and such at the time and it was the vocals that had put me off, but fortunately it has now been re-released for me to give it a proper listen…and i thank the gods that it has happened. this is really great and i do not think that these guys get enough credit for being one of, if not the, godfathers of death. granted the lyrics are a bit childish, but this was a long time ago and that was pretty much par for the course, but it is the music that sets this apart…very heavy, very fast thrash with a twist that helps set this apart from the other bands by which they were surrounded.the only problem here is that the album still sounds like it did on tape 15 years ago…this should simply be called a “re-issue” instead of a “re-master” regardless of the work that may have been done with the tapes…but then again, that may be part of the charm that this album holds. perhaps it would lose a lot if it sounded as clean as does a lot of the metal produced now…anyway, this is a great album, and a necessity for anyone who is now a fan of death(or metal in general) that was not around in the mid-eighties when this style was in its infancy…drop your $15 on it…you will not be dissappointed…

    Posted on February 4, 2010