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  • I first saw this band at a local venue here in Atlanta 95′ or 96′ prior to this release. A lil history here… they were under the name “Crawlspace” at the time and i still have the six-song cassette tape i bought from that show to prove it. Those orignal songs went on this debut cd release.
    Side 1. Terminator, Speak, Black.
    Side 2. Bitch, Face, Prayer.
    They cleaned them up a bit for the cd but they still sound close to the demo tape.
    Now there is already a band with the “Crawlspace” name so i assume there was a conflict there and they became Sevendust. I heard them on the radio a couple years later and went and picked up the new cd. history lesson over…
    I was as impressed with this release as i was seeing them live and shelling out $6 for the demo. I don’t care much for their follow up cds, seems they strayed away from the raging sound that i grew to love from them. Like a lot of bands, sometimes their first is their best effort.

    Posted on March 1, 2010