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Seventeen Days

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  • People trying to compare 3 Doors down to their First CD..The Better life..Should stop..this band has changed it’s sound..and they’re better for it..I’ll just go track by track..

    Right where I Belong-Fast and Furious opener with great heavy guitar work..Solid opener.

    It’s Not Me-Probably Their 2nd Single..Arnold Explodes in the chorus..Their next radio hit for sure.

    Let Me Go-You’ve all heard it..probably the stand out track on the album.

    Be Somebody-My Favorite So far..Arnold reaches deep into his emotions to bring out a song that anyone could relate too..beautifully done.

    Landing in London-A Modern Turn the Page..With an appearence by Seger himself..Probably the third single..again slow and mellow.

    The Real Life-A little harder..this is more for fans of the Better life..Which I didn’t like too much..Skippable track for me.

    Behind those eyes-Another one of my favs..Good work on guitars..Solid Ballad..Again Arnold’s Vocals are damn near flawless.

    Never will I break-Hard Track here..not my thing really..but still likeable.

    Fathers Son-The Lyrics are quite intense and spooky..And I belive theres an opera in one part,hard rocking fun song..

    Live for today-Like it..signature 3 Doors Down..don’t want to spoil it for you..

    My world-Damn similar to Road I’m On From Away From the Sun..This track is short..but it really builds up from the beginning with frantic hard rock in the middle..well done.

    Here By Me-Easily the slowest Track 3 Doors Down has ever done..sappy sappy lyrics..and you know what..I like it…Arnold can sing anything well..and proves it here.

    In conclusion..people need to get over themselves..3DD is never going to make another Stop asking for one..They show great diversity..and Go from Metallica to Country to Soft Rock Flawlessly..which many bands can’t do…So if you’re looking for Excelent Ballads..Fun Rock..and touching lyrics..Or just want to have a good time listening to an Album…this is for you.

    Posted on December 9, 2009