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Seventeen Days

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  • Ever since “Kryptonite”, I’ve been a fan of Three Doors Down. They’ve always kept originality, which bands like Nickelback, 311, and others have lost. Well, sadly, we might have to add Three Doors Down. I guess being away from the sun so much made them lose originality.

    Looking for “The Better Life”, you’ll become dissappointed. Looking for “Away From The Sun”, you will also become dissappointed.

    About 90% of the songs on this album are slow, and quite tiring and boring after awhile, but “Live For Today” and “Right Where I Belong” as being exceptions. Actually, I do go for more slower songs. But, I don’t like slow songs scattered around the CD.

    I don’t see anything truly dramatic or outstanding on the CD. There may be some radio airplay, but I don’t think any of them will become #1 like “Kryptonite”, “When I’m Gone”, or “Here Without You”. All of the songs are good, but not outstannding. I’d recommend lowering your expectations before buying this CD.

    Maybe they are trying a different style, or maybe they are leftovers from earlier albums. You decide. Now, time for the vitamin shot, and on to the next CD.

    Posted on December 10, 2009