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  • We bought this album in the 80’s and quickly figured it was a Tony Iommi solo album. In fact, it never should have been strapped with the Black Sabbath title, because I think that unfairly biased many people against what is a very good album.

    After two decades, I burned it to CD so I could listen to it on my long commute to work. After giving it a fair listen, I must say I like it a lot better than when I first heard it. Back then, I was also expecting something in the vein of Black Sabbath and was likely disappointed and shelved it. Now I’m glad I have given it another go.

    I had no idea Tony Iommy was such a good guitarist! I mean, he would do a bit of soloing here and there among the drudgy riffing of Sabbath, but I was surprised he could really cut it with more standard metal. The songs here are full of his riffs and lots of jamming. This is a guitar player’s album and I now have a much greater appreciation for his guitar and songwriting skills.

    After listening to it several times, I have no specific favorite cut as they all have their merits. This was quite a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended.

    Posted on December 4, 2009