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Severed Survival

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  • This is a great album, and the reissue has good production value; it’s too bad it had to come in a digipak, since the album art is awesome, and, with a digipack, the art is bound to erode. However, the bonus CD it comes with isn’t all that much, unless you like really crappy production from demos, rehearsals and live shows; the two new songs are ok.

    Posted on March 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I bought this on record back when it first came out in 1989. Death metal as a sub-genre had only been around for a couple of years at that time. I had heard Death’s seminal 1st album “Scream Bloody Gore” a little earlier and really liked it. Then I came across “Severed Survival” at the record store and noticed that Chris Reifert played drums on this album as well as Death’s 1st album. I really liked “Scream Bloody Gore.” It was the first time I had heard music like that. The guitars were fast, the leads were lethal, the singing was extreme, and the drums were insane! Plus the song titles were just ripe for a teenager who liked horror flicks.

    I think this is a good example of a genre (death metal) before it got flooded with a lot of garbage. When you listen to Scream Bloody Gore by Death, it sounds like it was recorded in an underground cavern. I’m not saying that in a bad way either. It just has that feel. More of a mysterious kind of ambience. Whereas Autopsy’s Severed Survival sounds like it was made in a rotting autopsy room filled with stinking corpses. The two bands are really playing the same type of music but when recorded differently, they come across very well.

    Severed Survival is a classic as far as death metal goes. It has all the elements of gore and zombies you could ask for. It’s like George Romero’s “Day of the Dead” for your ears. With songs like Ridden with Disease, Charred Remains, and Pagan Saviour, you can’t go wrong. Gore abounds on this great CD. The music is well executed and the lead guitars are cool. All in all, you cannot deny this work of pure death metal horror.

    This would fit great along side classics such as Death’s 1st album, as well as Leprosy. Plus, Grave’s Into the Grave, Venom’s Black Metal, Possessed’s Seven Churches, and Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion.

    This 2 CD set is a good deal. Not only do you get the original 1st album completley remastered but, you get 3 new tunes newly recorded specially for this release. The 2nd CD contains rare demos and live tracks throughout the years. Stuff like that is always cool. By and large, it comes in a good and complete package with a booklet including a history of the band with pictures and lyrics. Pretty cool. Don’t be scared, give it a shot. If you like early death metal, you’ll like this one.

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  • AUTHOR’S NOTE: I recently moved over to a new review system in which I rate each song and then create an average rating for the whole album rather than just giving the album a rating based purely on my general feel for the album. This allows for a much more accurate and unfortunately a much harsher rating for each album. Because of this my new number ratings may not match up with the star ratings on my older reviews when I updated them with this new review system. Thanks for your understanding.

    Here we have what is arguably Autopsy’s best album but remastered and with a bonus disc. The main disc is classic death metal, not a technical or fast as modern day death metal but just as brutal in it’s own right. I actually found this album to be better than their greatest hits, Torn From The Grave, in every possible way except for the shared tracks of course.

    “Charred Remains”-A relatively fast paced and vvurtal song with catchy drumming and great riffing. 8/10

    “Service For A Vacant Coffin”-Starts off with a cool, evil sounding intro and then soon speeds up. 8/10

    “Disembowel”-Much slower than the previous tracks but still extremely death metal sounding. 7/10

    “Gasping For Air”-Starts off rolling with some cool drum work with guitar following right along. Slows down, then returns to the previous riffing, then speeds up even more sounding almost like modern death metal. 8.5/10

    “Ridden With Disease”-Some really great riffs with solid drumming. 8/10

    “Pagan Saviour”-Another great, fast paced, and just plain brutal track. 8/10

    “Impending Dread”-Some more seriously great riffs, these guys had some great creativity going for them. 8/10

    “Severed Survival”-Sounds the most like what we consider to be modern death metal out of all of these songs. Has some excellent riffs and some very cool drumming. 9/10

    “Critical Madness”-A little slow but still very heavy. 7.5/10

    “Embalmed”-Great, super heavy riffing. Has a cool guitar solo near the end. 8.5/10

    “Stillborn”-Another very heavy song with some great guitar parts and equally great drumming. 8/10

    “Funereality”-Almost sounds like black metal, very interesting. 9/10

    “Destined To Fester”-Another very interesting track with obvious elements of doom metal and ambient black metal in it. These guys obviously aren’t given enough credit for their influence on extreme metal genres. 8/10

    “In The Grip Of Winter”-Very slow and doomy with short sped up moments, not one of my favorites but still good. 7/10

    My favorite tracks on here are “Gasping For Air”, “Severed Survival”, and “Funerality”. The special edition is in a nice digi-pack with what is easily some of my favorite album art and a bonus disc containing various songs including some live recordings. One song on the bonus disc, “Christ Denied”, is one of the best songs from the two discs combined. If you like brutal death metal and don’t mind if it’s slowed down a bit, I have a feeling you’ll be able to appreciate this.

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