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Shadow Zone

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  • I regret for writing a negative review before. I definitely take it back, and I apologize to whoever found it ‘helpful’. I’ve liked it for some time now, and have only just gotten around to writing another review for it. That negative review was growing heavy on my conscience, so I just had to tell people the truth about this album. It does take some getting used to, but it IS worth it. I think it took even longer time for me to get used to because, before it was released, I heard it was going to be “more industrial and melodic.” After listening to the first six tracks, and particularly “Destroy All”, I can safely say they were definitly not more melodic. It’s kind of hard to describe it, but there’s a new sound running through this album (not only the melodic tracks, but the heavy ones, too). The sound is new because it is a far departure from ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ and ‘Machine.’I'd say Static-X’s new sound is half Fear Factory and Disturbed influenced, and half their own sound. Neither “Destroy All” or the melodic moments are good representations of this C.D. If I were to steer someone towards the new sound, I’d recommend hearing “Otsegolectric”. The aforementioned ‘new sound’ puts a harder edge on the songs. It’s full of roaring and crushing guitar and bass riffs that are layered on top of eachother resulting in a wall of awesome guitar noise. But it is not just loud cacophony. The music often turns into a surging groove, where the guitars gain energy and speed and build off eachother. With this harder edge on the songs, it’s hard to discern the bass from the guitars, but it is there. It anchors the songs and backs the guitars with an almost grumbling/growling background undertone. With all this metal music, one might guess Wayne’s voice is a typical metal howl (maybe Sully Erna’s or Cory Taylor’s). But the vocals are better than either of theirs. The signature yell is still ample, but Wayne actually sings on many of these tracks (“The Only,” “So,” etc.), and some good growls (which are framed well by the music) and staccato barks are peppered throughout. “Destroy All” is one of the two hardest C.D.s Static-X have written. Every band member includes it in their “favorite songs to play live”, and with good reason. It shows Wayne can still yell, and, because it’s the first track on the disc, it’s almost like an onslaught that takes the listener’s head off. I didn’t like this song at first, but it grew on me. (At the risk of sounding corny), when I hear it now, I seriously want to get up and jump around. Mosh pits were made for songs like this. “Control It” combines very catchy/hooky riff with more real singing. ‘”Shadow Zone’ contrasts disco high-hat and a bobbing beat with barbed guitars and staccato vocals”–John Wiederhorn. The bobbing beat is like hearing little tid-bits of music, with a guitar weaving in and out (like a groundhog popping in and out of holes). This is a perfect mesh with the staccato vocals. “Monster” is similar to “Shadow Zone”, but speedier. I can just imagine doing floor/ step exercises at the gym while listening to this. It’s great to get pumped up to. “The Only” is a turning point for the C.D. This is still a heavy metal tune, but (starting here), the band incorporates more industrial music, and even a little techno and keyboards. Another momentum gainer, maximized by brief, spuradic pauses.A great mix, a great song. “So” is kind of the peak of the mountain. Up to this point, “Shadow Zone” has been gaining momentum, and instead of making a song that’s even more heavy than the others, “So” is one of two most industrial-lite and melodic songs that the band have written. It’s not quite a ballad, but very pretty nonetheless. Kind of like Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”, but with more guitars. All the melody in this album establishes great friction between it and the heavy stuff. So, buy this C.D. You may not like it at first, but definitely hold onto it, because once you start liking it, you will realize this is an awesome C.D.!

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m not sure what happened to Static-X. They really had a good thing going with “Wisconsin Death Trip” — original sound and a sizable fanbase. That CD was followed-up by “Machine”, which, while still good, deviated somewhat from the techno-industrial sound that they perfected so well on “WDT”. Now comes “Shadow Zone”, a decent CD that bears very little resemblance to the very original and entertaining sound that they crafted on their debut release. Why did the band work so hard to change their sound? I’ll tell you why — because of the latest buzz word in metal — “melodic”. Everyone is using this word now to describe their sound in an effort to put as much distance as possible between them and the “nu-metal” label. I don’t know who started this “melodic” movement (Staind? Cold?), but it has led a lot of good hard rock/metal bands to produce some poor albums recently. Examples– Nothingface, Systematic, Endo.Wayne Static sings way too much on this CD, and as someone mentioned previously, he sounds sort-of like Jonathan Davis. The CD starts out promisingly enough with “Destroy All”, but then it really takes a left run after that. While not a bad CD overall, it is not what I wanted when I selected a Static-X CD for purchase.Not bad, but be careful. Bands that have turned “melodic” but with good results — Haste, Godsmack, Slaves on Dope. Bands that have remained true to their sound — Lamb of God, Chimaira.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Ok so when I first bought this album I was expecting something similar to Machine or Wisconson…but this is far from it. The first few songs where good but then when it got to “shadow Zone” thigns went down hill. Then when “The Only” came on I thought thats an ok song but thats not Static-X. “kill your Idols” is a really good song, reminds me of something of Machine. After that the songs were ok. Then I heard “so”, I almsot fainted. A ballad!!!What??It’s not bad but it’s not Static-X!What happened to Wayne’s growls? It seems sadly those days are gone. Now all we have left is a processed, conformed version of the once great Static-X. I think this album was very disapointing. I dont know what happened to Static-X? Dare I say sell-out? Maybe, I hope not…….

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ok, now that everyone has officially blasted this cd…let me tell you what I think, seeing as there are probably people out there that actually like static x, and none of them seem to have put in anything on what I deem to be Static X’s best album. there was two people on there that stated they didnt like Wayne Static’s vocals when he isn’t being melodic. well, since the start, static X was never a melodic band!!! do you think *I’m With Stupid* was ment to be a damned love song??? lol. any way. I think this cd pushes electronic blast beat nu metal into a whole new era. with it’s fast, techno based underscore, its fast and catchy vocals, and its hard core beat this music is what I have been looking for for ages. that is my oppinion on the album, and I felt it desperately needed to be said, before people listen to the other people on here, and condem the album as crap.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Most people here seemed to say bad things about this cd. I personally thought it was really good. I loved Wisconsin Death Trip, it was innovative, different, good. Machine didn’t do so much for me, it was forced a little i think. The lack of electronics is because the majority of that was done by Koichi, the member who left and was replaced by tripp, they still have some, but not so intricate. Drumming on the album was done by (Not the guy from seether) Josh Freese, He’s known for A Perfect Circle, and doing drums on any cd that needed drums that Dave Grohl didn’t get his hands on. And he is a solid capable drummer. One last thing about the change in sound, Wayne did one of the Queen of the Damned songs for the Soundtrack, and had to learn to sing similarly to Jon Davis, therefore he learned to sing, and in turn sounds kinda like Jon Davis. Sure this wasn’t a review as much as a defense of the band and breakdown of why it changed, but I think its better than Machine, and a great album.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now