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  • Most people here seemed to say bad things about this cd. I personally thought it was really good. I loved Wisconsin Death Trip, it was innovative, different, good. Machine didn’t do so much for me, it was forced a little i think. The lack of electronics is because the majority of that was done by Koichi, the member who left and was replaced by tripp, they still have some, but not so intricate. Drumming on the album was done by (Not the guy from seether) Josh Freese, He’s known for A Perfect Circle, and doing drums on any cd that needed drums that Dave Grohl didn’t get his hands on. And he is a solid capable drummer. One last thing about the change in sound, Wayne did one of the Queen of the Damned songs for the Soundtrack, and had to learn to sing similarly to Jon Davis, therefore he learned to sing, and in turn sounds kinda like Jon Davis. Sure this wasn’t a review as much as a defense of the band and breakdown of why it changed, but I think its better than Machine, and a great album.

    Posted on March 1, 2010