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  • ok, now that everyone has officially blasted this cd…let me tell you what I think, seeing as there are probably people out there that actually like static x, and none of them seem to have put in anything on what I deem to be Static X’s best album. there was two people on there that stated they didnt like Wayne Static’s vocals when he isn’t being melodic. well, since the start, static X was never a melodic band!!! do you think *I’m With Stupid* was ment to be a damned love song??? lol. any way. I think this cd pushes electronic blast beat nu metal into a whole new era. with it’s fast, techno based underscore, its fast and catchy vocals, and its hard core beat this music is what I have been looking for for ages. that is my oppinion on the album, and I felt it desperately needed to be said, before people listen to the other people on here, and condem the album as crap.

    Posted on March 1, 2010