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Shadow Zone

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  • I’m not sure what happened to Static-X. They really had a good thing going with “Wisconsin Death Trip” — original sound and a sizable fanbase. That CD was followed-up by “Machine”, which, while still good, deviated somewhat from the techno-industrial sound that they perfected so well on “WDT”. Now comes “Shadow Zone”, a decent CD that bears very little resemblance to the very original and entertaining sound that they crafted on their debut release. Why did the band work so hard to change their sound? I’ll tell you why — because of the latest buzz word in metal — “melodic”. Everyone is using this word now to describe their sound in an effort to put as much distance as possible between them and the “nu-metal” label. I don’t know who started this “melodic” movement (Staind? Cold?), but it has led a lot of good hard rock/metal bands to produce some poor albums recently. Examples– Nothingface, Systematic, Endo.Wayne Static sings way too much on this CD, and as someone mentioned previously, he sounds sort-of like Jonathan Davis. The CD starts out promisingly enough with “Destroy All”, but then it really takes a left run after that. While not a bad CD overall, it is not what I wanted when I selected a Static-X CD for purchase.Not bad, but be careful. Bands that have turned “melodic” but with good results — Haste, Godsmack, Slaves on Dope. Bands that have remained true to their sound — Lamb of God, Chimaira.

    Posted on March 1, 2010