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Shadows Are Security

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  • First off I will say to all the people totally knocking this cd you must not know the talent it takes to be as good a musicians as this band has, the drummer is absolutely amazing if they werent a christian band I would swear he sold his soul to the devil to make his legs that fast, the vocals are strong and in your face, although it can be a little preachy at times, its how he feels so let him express his beliefs, if you dont like it f*ck off dont listen to him! The guitarists are crazy good showing not only their metal roots with there pulsating riffs and leads, but also putting out some of the best melodic parts Ive ever heard! Yes there is more singing on this cd then frail words collapse but why not, their bassist is a great singer, if you have it why not use it! All and all this cd is very reminding of how good frail words collapse is and comes very close to it! if you like as I lay dying in any kind of way BUY THIS CD! and for all those “hardcore scene” kids out there bashing this cd take a look in the mirror your wearing f*ckin girl jeans and a pink belt these guys are keeping metalcore the way it should be, quit being a whining critic and bang your f*ckin heads!!

    Posted on December 28, 2009