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Shadows Are Security

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  • Although I wouldn’t claim this is better record than Frail Words Collapse, nor that it is worse, I can certainly say this is another brilliant effort by AILD. The vocals are energetic and full of metal passion. The instrumentals are combined of melodic, consistent riffs and powerful, rhythmic drumming that blends in perfectly with the vocals, which is what seperates this album from most repetitive noise junk produced these days by so called hardcore metal bands.

    Those who think AILD is Metalcore or solely ‘Christian’ Metal are in deep state of illusion. The lyrics are related to soul, forgiveness, pain, hate, suffering and death. That doesn’t mean it only relates to religion or ‘christianity’. These are various abstracts, elements and phases of life that we can all relate to in many ways because life can exist and be lived without religion.

    Anyway, my favourite songs in this album are: ‘The Darkest Nights’ which is a very well sung song and has a good melody, ‘Confined’ for its powerful riff and ground-shaking drumming which makes this the perfect song to mosh and ‘Control is Dead’ for its energetic and hateful vocal and lyrical combination.

    All I can say is if you are into ‘hardcore/metal’ then this is a must-buy album.


    Posted on December 29, 2009