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  • UFO are one of the last true original rock bands left. And on this — their latest — Phil Mogg’s voice is as classic and unmistakable as any you’re likely to hear…Michael Schnenker’s guitar is as punchy and riff-laden as ever….Pete Way looks and sounds the same as he did 10-15 years ago…and the only relative “newcomer” is drummer Aynsley Dunbar, who manages to kick some serious behind to give each song a crispness that a less accomplished drummer might have left to chance.I agree with previous reviewers. Sharks isn’t as good as Walk On Water, but it’s miles ahead of Covenant.The first song (“Outlaw Man”) is a catchy rocker that kicks off the CD beautifully…and the riffs just keep on coming after that. Phil really sounds good. And Schenker (although he looks like Brad Pitt of late, or a throwback to ZZ Top’s heyday in the ’70s) delivers the goods. “Shadow Dancer” (track 5) sounds like a riff from Walk On Water, but it’s still just different enough to be considered original.”Someone’s Gonna Have to Pay” is a George Thoroughgood-like blues-based rocker that bumps and grinds its way along to its ringing cymbal crash ending…and quickly seques into “Sea of Faith,” the CD’s most different sounding song. Schenker’s opening guitar riff sounds more like alternative rock than classic rock, but the intensity kicks in momentarily and the song becomes trademark UFO.”Fighting Man” (track 8) is perfect UFO swagger and bluster. The riff sounds like it would have fit well on Obsession, though Mogg’s voice is tucked squarely into Walk on Water-era UFO. Not a bad juxtaposition, just noticable.”Perfect View” begins with an almost Ted Nugent-like ferocity…leading to “Crossing Over” and the ballad-like “Hawaii,” a Schenker composition that closes the album on a ’60s-era surf-guitar note. A strange, short ending, but a very good CD overall.Fans of UFO won’t be disappointed with Sharks. I wasn’t.

    Posted on January 27, 2010