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Shipwreck in the Sand

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  • Well i was in the store today and i knew Silverstein was coming out with a new album so i picked it up and took a chance. I liked “When broken is Easily Fixed” and i absolutely loved “Discovering the waterfront”. So i thought i would like there album before this one “Arrivals and Departures”, but i was so wrong. I do not mind when a band want to sing more and believe me Shane can sing but the songs on “arrivals and departures” were so boring and had no energy to them. The songwriting was cliche and not very creative.

    But it is safe to say Silverstein is back with this new album. I absolutely love the album. The songs are great and full of energy just like punk/screamo should be. It seems to me Shane has practiced on his screaming because it sounds a whole lot better on this album then it ever has, and you can feel his emotions through his screams like never before. His singing is as good as it always is. He truly is a good singer IMO.

    So if you like a little more screaming and an album packed with emotions and energy pick this up you will not be disappointed.

    Posted on December 5, 2009