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Shipwreck in the Sand

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  • I first started out as a fan of Silverstein when “Discovering the Waterfront” came out. I fell in love with it right away and I couldn’t put it down for weeks. Then came “Arrival’s and Departures” which was Silverstein without the soul really. Their lyrics were very generic and Shane held back a lot of screaming and his voice just seemed to bland. It was an alright cd but not a Silverstein cd.

    Now here comes “Shipwreck in the Sand.” I preordered this with a t-shirt and poster and went all out. I tore open the packaging and started listening to it at work. Man, the first song really opens up the rest of the cd. It has that addicting chorus that Silverstein is really known for. This cd adds a lot more metal guitar and yet still retains some of its punkness in drums in there.

    I found it really impressive that they were albe to feature different singers. The most impressive is Lights. I saw Lights in concert and she has a fantastic voice and her and Shane make such a perfect combo to end the album together. I’m already on my third play of this cd. The lyrics are such a step up to “Departures” and all around the music has a lot more soul and passion in it.

    My favorite stand out tracks so far are pretty much all of them! If I had to pick they would be Vices, You’re All I Have, and The End. This is the Silverstein we’ve been waiting for. Pick it up!

    Posted on December 5, 2009