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Shipwrecked in Oslo

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  • First, I don’t know what one of the other reviewer mean by not being able to look at the show in its entirety. It has an option to do so. Maybe the menu navigation his not to obvious. But anyway, this is possible. This DVD has somehow, some flaws. First, it’s a little out of synchronism, I mean the sound is a little late to the image. Second, some editors have put visual effects here and there that are more annoying than anything. Third, the crowd seems to be asleep. I’ve seen some excerpts of other shows from this tour and the crowd was way much alive. But norwegians are very stoic people it seems. That’s for the flaws. Arcturus repertoire is one of those that contains only good songs and many great songs. Some folks may complain that Simen Hestn├Žs voice doesn’t live up to this one of Garm. I disagree. Yes, at first I’ve been a little disoriented by the thinner texture of Simen voice on those songs, but I’ve kept in mind that Garm is more of a baritone and Vortex is a tenor. I admit the latter does a way better job on the songs designed expressly for his voice, but I would surely not say that he ruined the others. And to continue about the case of Simen, the man is a great entertainer and performer. The peak of his performance is The Chaos Path, both vocally and in his stage persona. Also on the performance level I’m always impressed by the smoothness and fastness of Hellhammer. Really one of the most impressive drummer to watch out there. Knut and Tore are two tight and talented guitarists giving a good show, seeming to enjoy themselves at what they’re doing. Hugh and Steinar are more in the shadows. One seemed to be shy, the other looks like an alchemist wizard focused on its keyboard’s vessels and test tubes. The musical output is very tight and enjoyable. Yes it has flaws, but as an Arcturus fan, I’m much happy to have this since they are no more.

    Posted on February 8, 2010