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Shipwrecked in Oslo

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  • the DVD features 5.1 surround sound (all regions playing)….everyone is in top form! this DVD is one of my favorites in my collection-easily! I never understood why people even doubted Vortex’s vocals, they are phenomenal! he hits every g#@damn note right on and even adds some of his own. The live versions of the songs are stunning. Both guitarists are great players (as is everyone else, although I think Hellhammer is triggered, but that is a small complaint really as he sounds AWESOME) If there is no other dvd you buy this year, you will be very pleased with this one. I know I am….
    Track listing:

    Ad Absurdum
    Nightmare Heaven
    Shipwrecked Frontier pioneer
    Deception Genesis
    Chaos Path
    Tore Guitar solo
    Deamon Painter
    Nocturnal Vision revisited
    Painting my horror
    Steinar keyboard solo
    Master of disguise
    Knut Guitar solo
    White noise monster
    Raudt Og Svart


    video clip

    OH MY GOD!
    the solos are amazing! (both guitarists and Stinar- keyboards)soooo much feeling and great technique!

    the version I got comes in a cool tin box with a sheet that claims:
    “Arcturus, the third brightest star in the night sky, crashes to earth this eve, September 17th, 2005. The intergalactic space pirates emerge from their volume vessel and illuminate the landscape of their ancestral earthling’s homeland of Oslo, Norway. Witness their infinite space odyssey, performed here during the Sonic Solstice, as they push their art to the outer limits”…..

    do yourself a favor- buy this!

    Posted on February 8, 2010