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  • This was always going to be a tough task for Trivium. How to match the earlier success, but still not sound like a complete sellout. I think this album succeeds admirably well. First let me say that this is NOT an overtly commercial record. Sure there are melodies both sung and played, but this doesn’t mean it is cheesy or weak. Trivium have been combining rough and clean vocals for a while, and this album shows that potential being achieved. Same with heavy riffing interposed with beautiful melodies. The clean voices and choruses sound much less like Hetfield. The growling is deeper and more “death” style. I have always enjoyed their guitars, and again, you won’t be disappointed. Tons of riffs and solos. Also, there is a bit more depth to the songs, both in scope and in musicality. Get this album if you like newer metal with a major classic metal influence, lots of solos, and thundering riffs and powerful drumming / bass. It will not disappoint. There is nothing really bad about it. Good for them!!

    Posted on November 18, 2009