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Shogun(Special Edition CD/DVD)

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  • I have to say, I thought that with their earlier CD ‘The Crusade’ Trivium had sort of lost a little of their power and awe inspiring drive that was so evident in ‘Ascendancy’. But with ‘Shogun’ Trivium have served up a combination of both earlier works and engineered the most mind blowing masterpiece i have heard in a long time.

    If their was ever a CD that has created such a phenomenal comeback, it has to be Shogun. I honestly can’t stop listening to it. Mat’s vocals are so powerful, the lyrics and the singing are by far the biggest hit with me. Not just that though. These riffs that Trivium have created just blow the mind – Kirisute Gomen – unbeatable!! Trivium have also created this air of mystique on Shogun that is so very rare in music these days.

    I have to say, i was pleasantly suprised, and so glad i was blown away when i bought this CD. You will be too. A perfect 10/10.

    Posted on January 6, 2010