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Shogun(Special Edition CD/DVD)

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  • Not sure where to start. The Crusade was (and is) one of THE best metal albums of the decade. It blew me away. (And I’ve been a dedicated metalhead since the early 80’s) I wasn’t expecting anything less with Shogun. I was wrong.

    Here’s a plea to all the guys, especially the singer, in the band: STOP LOWERING YOUR STANDARDS BY USING DEATH METAL “VOCALS” IN YOUR MUSIC! It’s bizarre. One minute, you have this great voice and the next it’s 180 degrees in the other direction and I feel like I’m listening to one of those lame, extreme death or grindcore bands. The music on this album is PHENOMENAL. They deserve kudos for taking it up several notches here. But, again, those vocals ruin just about every song on this album. There’s no need for it and it takes songs that I’d rate 5 stars and makes them a 2 or 3.

    I’d even suggest re-doing this album with 100% REAL singing. you can do it, guys. You did it on the last album and you have the talent! Use it!!

    Anyway, if you can get past the 40% bad singing, this album is simple outstanding. I guess I can still recommend it, but hesitant to do so. They were *this* close to creating a masterpiece…..

    Posted on January 6, 2010