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Shout at the Devil

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  • Motley was one of the first metal acts I really got seriously into as a teenager, after Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. I first heard them on a radio broadcast of the ‘83 US Festival, and while that performance, long thought of as one of their worst, didn’t knock me out, I heard enough in their songs to get my attention. Much to the horror of my mom, I went out and bought the original vinyl record, complete with its pentagram cover, and began absorbing the violent, misogynistic and always rude music that was Motley Crue. After one listen, I was hooked.

    Though it is nearly as politically incorrect as the early Guns N’Roses records, this album still holds up remarkably well today, mainly for its crisp, flawless production set to some of the rawest music ever made. The subject matter will still make mothers across America cringe, from the anarchistic title track to “Ten Seconds To Love” (a reference to quickie sex in an elevator) to the violence and vengeance of “Bastard.” The album’s sole ballad, “Danger,” is also a dark and violent piece, bringing to life the dark side of life in Hollywood. “Looks That Kill,” “Too Young To Fall In Love,” and “Red Hot” are also classics to all true Motley fans.

    This is an album that is strong from beginning to end, and has been criminally overlooked by the mainstream media as one of the most influential albums of all time, mostly because of the hair-metal movement that it influenced. But while many bands attempted to copy the Crue, nobody even came close, and that is whey they are one of the only bands from that time whose music has survived and is still a staple of Classic Rock radio today. This is still the Crue at the absolute top of their game, and if you only own one of their records, this should be the one.

    Posted on November 16, 2009