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Shovel Headed Kill Machine

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  • Hey, wouldn’t it be great if Kirk Hammett of Metallica realized that his band had literally choked on their own ’superstardom’ and rejoined his ORIGINAL bandmates, Exodus, who appear to be only getting better with age. That is, if Metallica’s demise hasn’t sapped him of his once excellent guitar playing ability. With the departure of Rick Hunolt, Steve Souza and Tom Hunting leaving guitarist Gary Holt as the sole original member, Exodus is now somewhat of a partial ’supergroup’ with Lee Altus (of Heathen) and Paul Bostaph (of Slayer and Forbidden). Holt and Altus definitely click on the dual guitar attack. New vocalist Rob Dukes sounds a little high-pitched at first (as evidenced on ‘Raze’) but settles in nicely as the album progresses. Standout tracks include ‘Deathampthetamine’, ‘Karma’s Messenger’, ‘Altered Boy’ (a cool pun on ‘altar boy’ attacking pedophile priests), ‘Going Going Gone’ and ‘.44 Magnum Opus’, but really I like ‘em all.. So I’d say that that this version of the ‘Exodus lineup’ is an interesting one, but that does not take away from the fact that the latest album is noticeably more brutal than the previous ‘Tempo Of the Damned’, also a personal favorite. So Kirk, what do you think of coming back to where you started. At this point Exodus is a brutally unstoppable thrash machine. But once again, I’m just wondering how a guitar duo of ‘Holt and Hammett’ would hypothetically sound like today if they were to re-unite. Anybody ever thought of that? An awesome release!

    Posted on February 8, 2010