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  • A band with limitless energy and unfathomable power, Jesus Lizard’s live acts are legendary. While Steve Albini managed to capture the band’s ferocity as effectively as possible within the confines of a studio, a recording of the band in their blistering, live, and unmixed state has been long overdue. “Show” finally delivers the goods on a live Jesus Lizard album by presenting a set recorded in the infamous CBGBs club and every element of the band’s sound seems to have grown accordingly in both volume and size. The bass is monstrous, the drums are bludgeoning, the guitar is unwieldy, and Yow’s vocals are hoarser and more desperate than ever finally verifying the long held notion that Jesus Lizard truly was a “live band”. However, 15 tracks may seem like a little much for the often monotonous group, but thanks to the added live intensity and brilliant song choices, every track remains just as exciting and fresh as the last. For a band that relied more on schizophrenic riffing and bombastic churning rhythms than on melodies or traditional chord structures, a live album is the perfect way to present a sound that was simply too loud to be contained by a studio. Displaying the band in all their chaotic glory, Show is the way that Jesus Lizard should have sounded on CD their entire career, and while it won’t take the place of classics like Goat or Liar, Show easily ranks amongst some of my favorite live albums of all time.

    Posted on January 17, 2010