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  • If you want an album that’s as good as La Masquerade and Sham Mirrors, you won’t be disappointed. This album is certainly in the same vain as their last two, and while it isn’t as technical as Sham Mirrors, they do have some good solos, and it’s taken a bit of a turn towards the atmospheric. Unlike Sham Mirrors, vocals are ever-present on this release.

    For whatever reason, Garm is no longer with the band, and in his place is Simen, the man who sung on “the Chaos Path” from La Masquerade and who does clean vocals for Dimmu Borgir. His vocals are more piercing and he has a higher range than Garm but he lacks Garm’s power and depth. Garm is also something of a musical and lyrical genius, and Simen’s deficiency in these areas, particulary with regard to lyrical content, are apparent in this release.

    Bottom line: buy it, but not before La Masquerade Infernale and Sham Mirrors.

    Posted on March 8, 2010