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Siege Perilous

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  • I finally got this and, if you people think this is bad/sloppy production well…all I can really say is, you’ve never been exposed to REAL bad production. Yes, this isn’t anywhere near the best and certainly not up to the standards of the recent Kamelot releases, but no one in their right minds should ever call this “lacking” or “terrible” compared to many, many other CDs that are out there!!!

    You really want to hear terrible production? Listen to the original release of Sabbath’s “Born Again” (which I otherwise love simply because I love Gillan), or the original CD release of any of the first 4 ZZ Top albums, or, more recently, the godawful Riot CD “Brethren of the Long house”, another recent purchase that is SO bad it even degrades the music. It has NO high end at all, almost thought my tweeter fuses were blown!!! THAT is bad production, this is NOT!! And, given time I could probably make a list of HUNDREDS of CDs that sound worse than this!!

    As for the music, I like it!! Almost up there with “The Black Halo” and “Ghost Opera” and, in my opinion, is better than “The Fourth Legacy” and is at least as good as “Epica” and “Karma”. But, with only 5 listens, I’m not quite sure about those last 2 yet, time will tell. And my faves at this point are “Expedition”, “Parting Visions” and “Irea”.

    Bottom line – if you like Kamelot and already have “The Black Halo”, “Ghost Opera” and the great live CD and DVD “One Cold Winter’s Night” you won’t be disappointed by this. But, if you don’t already have all those, get them first. As for the “bad production” reviews I honestly say I don’t think it’s all that bad and haven’t read anything about my copy being a re-mastered release!

    Posted on November 16, 2009