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Siege Perilous

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  • Now, if you’re used to Kamelot’s latest release (4th Legacy) don’t go rushing into things with this purchase. Siege Perilous is a heavier and more simplistic example of the band’s obvious talent. The guitar and drums tend to walk the path of ‘classic heavy metal’ala Blind Guardian, and the production volume on the vocals is a bit softer than it should have been. The other instruments tend to drown Khan (the vocalist) out a lot of the time. I got used to this after a while though, and it is barely noticeable now. In between these heavier parts, are some really creative sections with choruses that are just a notch below those on 4th Legacy in terms of overall goodness. This is one of those albums that might take a couple of listens to really get into, but once you do, it’s a non-stop rock ride! If you’re serious about getting into this band, then there is no doubt that you will enjoy this album to the fullest. However, if you’re expecting an album a lot like 4th legacy, think twice. I’m not saying the two are extremely different, it’s just that Siege is a little less…refined… Even so, I can not stand to give this CD less than 5 stars.

    Posted on November 17, 2009