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  • SIGNALS may not be as heavy or exciting as it’s studiopredecessor MOVING PICTURES, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. LIFESON’S guitar took a back seat to GEDDY LEE’S syn-thesizers, but this still sounded like RUSH; it was actuallytheir last album with that original RUSH sound and not coinci-dently, their last album with TERRY BROWN. While me and my bro-thers were initially disappointed with SIGNALS, it’s now one ofmy favorite albums of theirs. The songs themselves are terrific;there are many classic Rush songs here, such as the very scien-tific opening track, the synth heavy SUBDIVISIONS. I didn’t mindtheir chose of synthesizers around this time; I think they addedmore color and texture to their sound and the synths on this al-bum sound gorgeous. The band still rocks out on this, especiallyon SUBDIVISIONS, THE ANALOG KID and DIGITAL MAN. DIGITAL MANand the other man song, NEW WORLD MAN, saw RUSH flirting withPOLICE-like reggae and I found the results rather enjoyable.The real star of this album is NEIL PEART; his drumming has neverbeen, before or since, so playful and adventurous. Check out hislittle disco beat at the beginning of SUB, or his playing onDIGITAL MAN and especially on THE WEAPON; this guy knew his wayaround his drum kit! LOSING IT is a gorgeous little song withvery sad lyrics sung perfectly by GEDDY LEE and features BENMINK on electric violin. GEDDY LEE actually does some of hisfinest singing on this and comes up with many memorable vocallines. THIS IS a WONDERFUL ALBUM!

    Posted on March 17, 2010