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  • For me, this album completes the trilogy “Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals” and parallels my transition into those important high school years.

    I grew up with Rush and can remember my dad telling me to turn the @(*$& down as a 10 year old listening to 2112 on 11 in my bedroom (so you knew it was cool). I remember skipping school the day Permanent Waves was released, running out to the store and then going back to a friends wood paneled basement with some goodies from Tim Hortons and playing the album over and over again wearing out each groove.

    So, yea, you guessed it, by 1982 I was playing guitar in a rock band, trying my best to sound like Alex (I owned a gibson doubleneck (white circa 1972) for a few years as well and like an idiot sold it later in life – suck), had my hair way past my shoulders and really wanted to score with the hot blond chick who had developed earlier than all her friends. Monica, where are you?

    So, what the hell does this have to do with Signals?

    Well, Signals is a grown up, totally mature Rush, finding the sounds of the times as they were changing. Analog to Digital, “progressive” rock giving away to the wash of 80’s synth pop and technology…always the wonder of technology moving forward. The lyrical genius of Countdown for example, remember when NASA wasn’t incompetent? More than 20 years later still a complete pleasure to listen to.

    Disappointingly received when released this albums true brilliance is unquestionable today. Regardless of what “phase” of Rush you dig, Signals is one that should equally be enjoyed by all. One-click this into your collection today!

    As the saying goes… “It’s a jelly eh?”

    Posted on March 17, 2010