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Significant Other

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  • This is just my opinion, and I must be honest as my conscience dictates…if you’re reading this I hope you’re mature enough to respect that. Ok, forget the comparisons to earlier albums, the debate on combining genres like rap and metal, or how “hot” the band members are…and let’s evaluate what we’re all here for…the MUSIC.People, dress it up however you want with scratching, great production values, studio effects and trickery and tons of guest appearances…two chords and superficial music can’t be disguised. And that’s exactly what this is. Downtune the guitars and write threatening, bad-boy lyrics…it does wonders for your image but can’t save the music. The music on this album is elementary, basic and lacking substance. You have 2-3 chords in each song and endless variations of the same song structure or musical (?) idea and rhythm over and over. The songs are, for the most part, tuneless and lacking song structure beyond the now hugely-popular “breakdown soft verse followed by a wall-of-noise chorus”. No key changes, no meaningful progressions, no emotion or expressions (beyond rage and testosterone) or significant technical ability. I just don’t hear it. And I hate to say this…but Fred Durst cannot rap. I won’t go into his singing — it’s immensely lacking but that’s accepted nowadays as long as you can whisper and then scream — but Fred’s rapping is inane and for the most part shows his lack of experience, wit or depth. Method Man completely blasts Fred off the map. It’s a noble idea to want to combine genres — we need more of that type of experimentation — but you’d better make sure you excel – or are at least PROFICIENT – in all the genres you try your hand at. The only salvageable thing about this band is the rhythm section…the bassist has good melodic ideas and holds down a pulsing meter…and John Otto, while not a genius, puts out a strong groove, displays a knack for tasty fills and good syncopations, and carries this band at times.Why two stars? Well, some of the songs do groove…and are an adequate channel for expressing rage, frustration or angst. The problem is the WHOLE album is like this…and it sounds contrived and pretentious. ANd when it’s not that, it’s testosterone-drenched lyrical drivel about sexual exploits or wanting to hurt someone, or how the band is “da bomb”…all immature, superficial, and worse…unoriginal. It’s been done before.Kudos, at least, for getting some grooves right…and daring to experiment with songs like “Rearranged” and “Don’t Go Off Wandering”. I do like some funk/rap/metal…when it’s done right (I’ve been a fan since the Faith No More days, for all you kiddies). I also am into hardcore (Earth Crisis, No Innocent Victim, Vision of Disorder, Madball, etc.). I’m pretty open-minded on genres and styles….but unfortunately, Limp Bizkit’s “Significant Other” doesn’t deliver on either.

    Posted on January 27, 2010