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  • Limp Bizkit is a joke. Although I am mostly into underground metal, I will admit there are a few decent rap-metal bands out there. Rage Against the Machine are my fave and a very small handful of others have made decent rap-metal. Not Limp Bizkit. Some hate this album just because it’s rap-metal, but I hate it just for its absolute lack of songwriting depth. The music really isn’t true metal, rather it is simply a mix of pop and rap with moderately heavy guitars added on top. The riffs are simple and uninteresting after just a couple of listens. The song structures are dull and typical of pop. The lyrics are dumb and Fred Durst has to be the most annoying and obnoxious vocalist I have ever heard. (Well, Johnny Rotten may have been more so, but in a good way. Hail the Sex Pistols!) Yes the album is listenable at first but like most pop music its lack of depth completely kills its lasting value. As much as this band rants about pop bands like the Backstreet Boys, they are just as pop and just as depthless. The ending rant is unbelievably ironic considering this band will likely last about as long as the Backstreet Boys, if that long. Rearranged is really the only worthwhile song here and I wouldn’t waste my money on this quasi-metal pop [junk]. Limp Bizkit lovers surely think I’m a total idiot and will continue to worship the band thinking they’re the greatest thing in the world, but most of them will eventually agree with me even if they don’t see that possibility now. Rate it five stars, but in a few years it will be thrown into the corner with your Vanilla Ice and Menudo CD’s. And don’t say I didn’t tell you so…

    Posted on January 27, 2010