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Signs of Chaos-Best of Testament

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  • I have to say, back when I was first into heavy metal I had heard the song “Alone In The Dark” which sent me into the CD stores searching high and low for Testament CDs. And what did they have? The Legacy, The Gathering, Low, Practice What You Preach, and this compilation album – Signs of Chaos: The Best of Testament. At a price of $15 for 17 songs, I really couldn’t pass it up. And I am freaking glad I didn’t!

    The CD starts off with “Signs of Chaos”, a very cool guitar-only intro to one of my now favorite Testament songs “Electric Crown”. Alex Skolnick tears up the solo on that song with some awesome melody. He has to be one of the best metal guitarists ever.

    Then there’s “The New Order” which is insanely fast and is a very good song. Then there’s the song that got me into Testament in the first place “Alone In The Dark”. Really an all around good song, probably one of their finest moments.

    Next of note would be the song “Souls of Black”… The song begins with a lightning clash and a very fast arpeggio… And then bam, you get hit with an ultimate thrash riff. Heavy and forceful. The lyrics to this song are really great in my opinion too.

    Then there’s “Trial By Fire”, “Low”, and “Practice What You Preach”. These guys are really good at playing their instruments and singing. Awesome songs that never get old.

    Next is “Over The Wall” with the most amazing intro riff and one of the best solos of all time; followed by “The Legacy”.

    But my most absolute favorite Testament song ever is “Return To Serenity”. From their album THE RITUAL from 1992 I believe, just before Alex left the band, they made this jewel of a song. A neat accoustic intro, with a very melodic and speedy solo… It almost sounds like a ballad, but it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever heard. This song alone makes this album worth buying.

    Finally, one more song of note, and it is the previously unreleased track “Sails of Charon”. A bit of wah and harmony action in this song, and it is fairly heavy to boot.

    If you do buy this album, you will not be disappointed. Testament has to be the best thrash band to ever exist. Alex Skolnick, Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, and all the others have made this band into the best Bay Area Thrash band ever… And more. This CD is definitely a 5 stars out of 5; and worth every penny of what it costs!

    Posted on January 1, 2010