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Signs of Chaos-Best of Testament

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  • Testament represents some of the best of the 80’s metal scene; unlike they’re “hair band” brethren, they kept an edgy sound and image through the mid-80’s to mid-90’s. Like any other “best of” album, it represents a good mixer of their catchy riffs and melodic ballads.Possibly the best reason to buy this album, however, is to get the last two tracks, Sails of Charon and Draw the Line, both previously unreleased. Usually, “best of” albums will contain one or two such songs just to get the fans who already bought all their albums to break down to buy the compilation album, an insidious scheme. When you finally listen to those “unreleased” tracks, you find out why they were never released before. However, the two tracks here are possibly the strongest songs on the album! Sails of Charon is great stuff, and their cover of Aerosmith’s Draw the Line smokes the original version, a rarity for a cover version to do.

    Posted on January 1, 2010