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Silver Side Up

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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD – playable on all CD players) pressing. Includes one bonus track. Road Runner.Following Staind’s footsteps, Nickelback make the personal public and vent a history of frustration and resentment to melodic hard rock. The band’s second album, Silver Side Up, starts with ”Never Again,” an angry tirade against domestic violence that sheds light on the issue without too much sap or sentiment. The album’s catchy radio hit ”How You Remind Me” and the song ”Woke Up This Morning” tell of rotting relationships, while other tracks touch on damaged hope and lost dreams. The post-grunge, alt-metal combo backing these songs packs as strong a punch as the lyrical material, going hard with lots of hooks. The additional slide guitar on ”Hangnail” and sludgy, alt-metal riffs on ”Hollywood,” ”Money Bought,” and ”Where Do I Hide” add a little meat to the alt-rock bones on Silver, elevating Nickelback above the heap of copycat rockers clogging the airwaves. –Jennifer Maerz

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  • After hearing the incredible single “How You Remind Me”, I had to see if this was just a fluke hit on a mediocre album. I purchased their first album on a whim and decidedly disappointed by the lack of originality, the only song I like on the album was “Leader of Men.” So I was not expecting to much from this album and what I heard coming from my speakers literally blow me away. I was so surprised at the awesome musicianship, and improved vocals that encompassed the entire CD, I mean I could not find one song I did not like. The lyrics were more angst and personal that reminded me of another band that recently hit it big with a huge single, Staind. The comparison has to be made this album is definetly similar to Staind’s in lyrical perspective. Staind’s and Nickelback’s hits “How You Remind Me” and “It’s Been Awhile” are both receiving massive airplay are helping rock make it back into the mainstream. It could be said that Nickelback is just a mellower Staind, but the power of this album says otherwise and allows them to stand alone. The album starts with “Never Again” which clearly shows that Nickelback has went in a totally new direction from their debut CD. It with “Woke Up This Morning”, “Good Times Gone”, and “How You Remind Me” are the immediate highlights. Though songs like “Just For” and “Money Bought” make you not want to skip a song on this superbly made album. “Hangnail” is another good song that you don’t want to miss. All I can say is that this is a great album, every song is beautiful and thought-provoking. Call these guys Staind-wanna-be’s or whatever but the fact is they have created an album that stands on it’s own and makes people listen. Whatever you do don’t miss this album. Along with Staind and Creed, Nickelback is one of the new purveyors of rock in town.

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I bought the CD “Silver Side Up” tonight. I had previously heard “Never Again”, “How You Remind Me”, & “Too Bad” through MP3 downloads, but WOW for 10 songs this CD is awesome. Never Again – Hard but keeps me entertained throughoutHow You Remind Me – Great catchy tune w/ a soft side too itWoke Up This Morning – Another great hard tuneToo Bad – Shows their sensitive side BEST SONG ON THE CD!Just For – Great Hard tune which shows their ability to rock!Hollywood – Catchy beginning riff that’ll have ya singing it all dayMoney Bought – Amazing drums & vocals some high powered music!Where Do I Hide – Guitar just screams like hell! HELL YEAH!Hangnail – Fluid throughout the song!Good Times Gone – Softest tune on the CD still amazingSo if you haven’t bought the album get it. The State, Hesher, & Curb were amazing but you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!!

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After listening to this album once, i can’t say i was over impressed, probably the greatness of how you remind me overlooked the rest of the album and made it seem quite plain. four hours later the albums is still going strong on repeat and keeps geting better. Each song has its own sound and the pace keeps up with the powerful and energetic sound and theres the voice too match it. Labelled as post-grunge or as some are saying alt/nu-grunge, this is impressive and unlike some of the latest ‘grunge’ efforts all tryin to copy eddie vedder, this sets standards for new grunge bands and also adds some originality to the scene. Best five songs have to be how you remind me, [radio friendly, quality and addictive describe this] Never again [great vocals, wicked riffs, superb] Just For [ Another wicked riff , reminds me of teen spirit abit and the vocals seem a bit staind'ish] Hollywood [ some neat vocal effects add to another great song] Good Times Gone [ possibly the most balladish song on the album and also the longest, ends the album on a very high note.]overall some people may say this album is the same because all the songs are in your face rock, no extra fast or slow songs or very heavy stuff……….but the quality is here without a doubt and thats why a high 5 is on order!cya! gonna check out their first album ’state’

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Nickelback’s second album, “Silver Side Up,” shows maturity and growth from the band’s first LP, “The State.” Not only are the songs on “Silver Side Up” about serious issues, such as the ups and downs of relationships (“Woke Up This Morning”), and abuse (“Never Again”), they are also extremely catchy and radio worthy. The album’s first single, “How You Remind Me,” is already flowing through stations everywhere and is currently #2 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. Nickelback did get some radio play with their breakthrough single, “Leader of Man,” but the attention the band is receiving now is nothing compared to their debut success.Nickelback is following the footsteps of bands such as Staind and Linkin Park by introducing their music to a wider audience. If the first week sales for “Silver Side Up” compare to Staind’s “Break the Cycle,” Nickelback will soon become a household name in alternative music.The ten songs on “Silver Side Up” are all amazing, however “How You Remind Me,” “Woke Up This Morning,” and “Hollywood” are the tracks that stand out the most. If you purchase this album, and you are a new Nickelback fan, make sure to check out the band’s first album, “The State.” You will not be disappointed in both efforts.

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • With a huge success from “How You remind Me,” Nickelback have shot from the west coast of Canada to being a big name in music today. Here’s the track breakdown for “Silver side Up”:1. Never Again: A song about domestic violence. This is the most pissed off I’ve ever heard these guys. 9/102. How You Remind Me: The single that launched them to the top of the charts. Need I say more? 10/103. Woke up this morning: Love the guitar solo here. Fairly good rock song. 9/104. Too Bad: The next single. A bit angrier than How You Remind Me, but still as catchy. 10/105. Just For: Really Hard, and doesn’t that opening guitar sound kinda like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? 8/106. Hollywood: Nothing really stands out here, I usually skip this. 6/10.7. Money Bought: Some great lines in this one. 8/108. Where Do I Hide: My personal fave. Harder than the singles, but Nickelback sounds better like this. 10/109. Hangnail: My second fave on the CD, for all the same reasons as the first. 10/1010. Good Times Gone: A switch to slow rock , but still as good as the rest of the songs. This features Ian Thornley, the lead singer of Big Wreck, on guitar. 9/10In general, if you buy this CD for “How You Remind Me”, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. However, if you can stand harder music, this is a good album.

    Posted on January 21, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now