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Silver Side Up

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  • With a huge success from “How You remind Me,” Nickelback have shot from the west coast of Canada to being a big name in music today. Here’s the track breakdown for “Silver side Up”:1. Never Again: A song about domestic violence. This is the most pissed off I’ve ever heard these guys. 9/102. How You Remind Me: The single that launched them to the top of the charts. Need I say more? 10/103. Woke up this morning: Love the guitar solo here. Fairly good rock song. 9/104. Too Bad: The next single. A bit angrier than How You Remind Me, but still as catchy. 10/105. Just For: Really Hard, and doesn’t that opening guitar sound kinda like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? 8/106. Hollywood: Nothing really stands out here, I usually skip this. 6/10.7. Money Bought: Some great lines in this one. 8/108. Where Do I Hide: My personal fave. Harder than the singles, but Nickelback sounds better like this. 10/109. Hangnail: My second fave on the CD, for all the same reasons as the first. 10/1010. Good Times Gone: A switch to slow rock , but still as good as the rest of the songs. This features Ian Thornley, the lead singer of Big Wreck, on guitar. 9/10In general, if you buy this CD for “How You Remind Me”, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. However, if you can stand harder music, this is a good album.

    Posted on January 21, 2010