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Silver Side Up

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  • Nickelback’s second album, “Silver Side Up,” shows maturity and growth from the band’s first LP, “The State.” Not only are the songs on “Silver Side Up” about serious issues, such as the ups and downs of relationships (“Woke Up This Morning”), and abuse (“Never Again”), they are also extremely catchy and radio worthy. The album’s first single, “How You Remind Me,” is already flowing through stations everywhere and is currently #2 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. Nickelback did get some radio play with their breakthrough single, “Leader of Man,” but the attention the band is receiving now is nothing compared to their debut success.Nickelback is following the footsteps of bands such as Staind and Linkin Park by introducing their music to a wider audience. If the first week sales for “Silver Side Up” compare to Staind’s “Break the Cycle,” Nickelback will soon become a household name in alternative music.The ten songs on “Silver Side Up” are all amazing, however “How You Remind Me,” “Woke Up This Morning,” and “Hollywood” are the tracks that stand out the most. If you purchase this album, and you are a new Nickelback fan, make sure to check out the band’s first album, “The State.” You will not be disappointed in both efforts.

    Posted on January 22, 2010