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  • After listening to this album once, i can’t say i was over impressed, probably the greatness of how you remind me overlooked the rest of the album and made it seem quite plain. four hours later the albums is still going strong on repeat and keeps geting better. Each song has its own sound and the pace keeps up with the powerful and energetic sound and theres the voice too match it. Labelled as post-grunge or as some are saying alt/nu-grunge, this is impressive and unlike some of the latest ‘grunge’ efforts all tryin to copy eddie vedder, this sets standards for new grunge bands and also adds some originality to the scene. Best five songs have to be how you remind me, [radio friendly, quality and addictive describe this] Never again [great vocals, wicked riffs, superb] Just For [ Another wicked riff , reminds me of teen spirit abit and the vocals seem a bit staind'ish] Hollywood [ some neat vocal effects add to another great song] Good Times Gone [ possibly the most balladish song on the album and also the longest, ends the album on a very high note.]overall some people may say this album is the same because all the songs are in your face rock, no extra fast or slow songs or very heavy stuff……….but the quality is here without a doubt and thats why a high 5 is on order!cya! gonna check out their first album ’state’

    Posted on January 22, 2010