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  • After hearing the incredible single “How You Remind Me”, I had to see if this was just a fluke hit on a mediocre album. I purchased their first album on a whim and decidedly disappointed by the lack of originality, the only song I like on the album was “Leader of Men.” So I was not expecting to much from this album and what I heard coming from my speakers literally blow me away. I was so surprised at the awesome musicianship, and improved vocals that encompassed the entire CD, I mean I could not find one song I did not like. The lyrics were more angst and personal that reminded me of another band that recently hit it big with a huge single, Staind. The comparison has to be made this album is definetly similar to Staind’s in lyrical perspective. Staind’s and Nickelback’s hits “How You Remind Me” and “It’s Been Awhile” are both receiving massive airplay are helping rock make it back into the mainstream. It could be said that Nickelback is just a mellower Staind, but the power of this album says otherwise and allows them to stand alone. The album starts with “Never Again” which clearly shows that Nickelback has went in a totally new direction from their debut CD. It with “Woke Up This Morning”, “Good Times Gone”, and “How You Remind Me” are the immediate highlights. Though songs like “Just For” and “Money Bought” make you not want to skip a song on this superbly made album. “Hangnail” is another good song that you don’t want to miss. All I can say is that this is a great album, every song is beautiful and thought-provoking. Call these guys Staind-wanna-be’s or whatever but the fact is they have created an album that stands on it’s own and makes people listen. Whatever you do don’t miss this album. Along with Staind and Creed, Nickelback is one of the new purveyors of rock in town.

    Posted on January 22, 2010