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  • i thought this cd was fantastic. from the first time i listened to it i was blown away, and still to this day…it doesnt bore me or get a bit repeative. its that good. i’ll go through the tracks for ya:1.Sin(long): this song is the as the title suggests, the longest mix on the cd. its 5minutes or so long, but its great. Trents vocals sound like they were being spoken though a bullhorn. about 3 minutes into it, it gives you a taste of what the Dub version is like. its general mood would be angry, but retains a similarity to both the original version and short version.2.Sin(dub): this song is about 5minutes as well. this song is mostly instrumental with the exception of the words ‘lies’ ’sin’ and ‘control’. its sorta like this song were a repeating mental break, focusing on what went wrong. this song is so unlike the other versions of this song. but it is fantastic.3.Get Down Make Love: this song is a queen cover. its 4minutes and 19seconds long. this is something you have to hear for yourself. it is one of the most amazing covers i’ve ever heard. you should hear this song live…fantastic.4.Sin(short): just like the title says…the short version. its about 4minutes and 16seconds long. this one is most like the original version of Sin found on Halo2. this version has a more sad vibe than the angry/agressive nature of the Long version. both the Short and Dub versions are perSiNal favorites of mine.this is something you should definitely buy. at under 20minutes this cd doesnt get tiring. and the brilliant remixing of LeBlanc/Sherwood is amazing for these songs. they retain the original meaning of the song. as for the cases…the domestic cover is red and gold, and on the back purple and gold. the cd itself is purple and comes in a thin jewel case(think the case halo8 came in). the import comes in digi-pack case and is black. it has mini-PHM art work on the inside. the cd is black and the titles are arranged a wee-bit different. anyway you want it, and anyway you get it…you should definitely get this…your cd collection is naked without it.Erased, Over, Out….

    Posted on January 8, 2010