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Dallas four-piece Drowning Pool set the rock world on fire this summer with their debut album SINNER. Even before the album’s release date, the band has been named to perform on the OZZFEST tour, and their ”Bodies” video has gone into BUZZWORTHY rotation on MTV. The album, produced by Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Coal Chamber, Orgy), combines Drowning Pool’s serious heaviness with the energy of their live shows. The single ”Bodies” is destined to become THE moshpit anthem for the youth of today, and there’s a lot more where that came from!Intense, dynamic, and full of seething rage, Drowning Pool’s powerful debut finds ardent (and sometimes screaming) vocalist Dave Williams mining topics ranging from religion (”Sinner”) to relationships (”Reminded”) to fine effect, creating a nu-metal opus that’s rock-solid from start to finish. ”Bodies” boasts an irresistible, insinuating growling chorus (”Let the bodies hit the floor”), with the tune’s melodic, suspenseful verses providing the perfect buildup for the cathartic chorus. Williams’s impressive whisper-to-a-scream delivery in ”Tear Away” and the unbridled energy of ”Told You So” are also striking. The Texas quartet’s post rap-rock heaviness is aggro yet melodic, not to mention believable, credible, and intelligent. Their smart lyrics, chunky rhythms, and punchy production (by Jay Baumgardner of Papa Roach fame) make this music for the Ozzfest generation. –Katherine Turman

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  • I love Drowning Pool. Even if I am a metalhead(Kataklysm, Nile, In Flames, Dark Throne, Dimmu Borgir etc) I still love this band. The leader singer just…to put it bland…rocks! His voice never gets annoying like a few bands(Otep, Limp Bizkit, Audioslave) Great CD. Now here’s the track by track.

    1. Sinner – 5/5 – Used to be my favorite. Lost interest but still deserves a 5/5 because the song is so beautifully played.
    2. Bodies – 3/5 – Overrated too much. The chorus gets on my nerves horribly but I’ll listen to it every once and a while
    3. Tearing Away – 5/5 – Awesome song. That guitar sounds pretty clean and nice. You gotta download this if you don’t have the CD
    4. All Over Me – 4/5 – Great track but the chorus lyrics are stupid.
    5. Reminded – 4/5 – Pretty good song. Love that intro.
    6. Pity – 5/5 – Awesome song. I like the “served on a plate…for all of you to eat” Second best song on this CD
    7. Mute – 2/5 – Meh…snore. Not worth downloading if you must download the cd.
    8. I Am – 1/5 – Horrible. Bad. The musicianship is good but the singing is gross. It’s like the lyrics faded out.
    9. Follow 10/5 – This is why this Cd gets 5 stars. Because of this song. This song is just…F#$%%ING GREAT! You MUST have this!
    10. Told You So – 5/5 – Love the intro. Good song, telling everyone to shut up.
    11. Sermon – 4/5 – Sounds to me like a religious song in the beginning. I don’t believe in a god(no I’m not a satanist, I’m an evolutionist) and well that’s what ruins it. Other then that it’s pretty good.

    One thing about this CD is how the lyrics get worse over time. Start at Sinner then skip to I Am and Follow. Then go back to Sinner. See the difference? Yeah that pissed me off. If you need to download this album, save your hardrive space by only downloading: “Follow” “Sinner” “Reminded” “Tearing Away” “Pity” and “Told You So”

    Overall it’s a great nu-metal CD…coming from a metal head!

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This sound has been done to death in the past 5 years and the fact that MTV and radio continue to shove it down our throats is just horrible when there are so many more deserving bands with diverse sounds. This band has some of the most immature and cliche lyrics I’ve ever heard, usually only writing 20 lines a song and repeating the chorus over and over!! If this is the future of metal, that bands just copy Korn with a touch of lite-grunge rock thrown in, then it it should be no surprise when metal is seen as a joke again, and thats sad as I love metal and its Korn klone bands like this that give the whole scene a bad name!! Avoid this album and band at all costs.

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The first time I ever heard of Drowning Pool was during a WWF live event in 2004 when their song ‘Bodies’ headlined a LIVE wrestling event. I found the song to be catchy and a cleverly designed song. So I went ahead earlier this year and purchased the entire album ‘Sinner’ from After listening to this delightful album a number of times it is time for me to share my feelings on this nu-metal band.

    Firstly the artwork is pretty interesting and different. The girl looks alittle like Amy Lee of Evanescence at first. The scope of the album pretty much matches the artcover, the mood of this album ranges from discussing religion in earnest in the first song ‘Sinner’ to relationships in ‘All Over Me’ and ‘Reminded’. The better songs of this album are ‘Bodies’, ‘Mute’ and ‘Follow’. ‘Bodies’ quickly became a moshpit favourite in concerts and dancefloors and ‘Follow’ became a BBQ song to be played with a loop with friends.

    Drowning Pool is a band with promise. The band had a death in the lead singer after this album so this album pretty much is the original sound of Drowning Pool. The later albums have a new sound and atmosphere. (See my Desensitized review). I like this Drowning Pool sound best.

    Fans of Staind, Linkin Park, Godsmack and Dishwalla will like the offerings of this album. Check it out, you will be surprised to find you like the songs and the sound of Drowning Pool’s debut album.

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This Texas quartet’s decision to make a nu-metal album which was less nu-metal than regular heavy metal was a wise one. “Sinner” not only went platinum, but it appealed to fans outside of the nu-metal genre. Drowning Pool don’t bother with the trendy hip-hop vocals; this is a band which rocks in old-school fashion, with heavy, gut-punching riffs. “Sinner” is also different from other nu-metal records, because frontman Dave Williams not only writes somewhat intelligent and introspective lyrics, but his vocal styles are also quite good; he sings, growls, howls and bellows equally as well.

    “Bodies” is Drowning Pool’s most famous song, so it’s obviously a stand out track, here. The verses are melodic, and they lead in, nicely, to the chorus, which is very cathartic. This song’s chorus (“Let the bodies hit the floor!”) is one of the most irresistably catchy chrouses I’ve heard, and this song is one of the best mosh-pit anthems I have ever heard. Elsewhere, “Tear Away” is a memorable, sing-along song about self-absorption, the title track has another chunky main riff and a very catchy chorus, “Reminded” has a good vocal hook alongside more mosh-worthy riffs and a huge chorus, “Pity” has choppy, surging, almost skipping riffs, “Mute” ties together good, melodic singing with wah-wah guitars, and “Sermon” is a heavy yet depressing tune about spiritual emptiness and needing God (“Where was God when I needed a friend?”).

    This album is full irresistible hooks, energy, intensity, excitement, and power. It is essential listening for all mosh-metal fans, rage rock fans, and nu-metal fans. And “Sinner” is heavy enough to make you a Drowning Pool fan even if you don’t like nu-metal. Do yourself a favor: buy this album, and honor Dave’s passing by playing it loud!

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Drowning Pool’s 2001 debut is perhaps one of the most underrated, under appreciated and unrecognized albums of the decade. The strong fan base was there and still listens, but with the death of lead singer Dave Williams in 2002, the garnered steam that was launching this band out in front of the pack suddenly stalled. Drowning pool went from almost a household name to an afterthought in many musical circles. While bands like Godsmack, Disturbed, and System of a Down kept climbing the charts, the rest of us were left wondering what might have been with Drowning Pool.

    Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the intricate mixture of gripping vocals, heavy guitars and groovy beats that create an atmospheric yet simple style that stays with you long after you stop listening.

    The title track opens the album and has some superb vocals that are epic and vast reaching through a forefront of heavy guitars. Despite being less than three minutes long, the song has some depth as well as bite and is one of my favorite on the whole album. “Bodies” is the next track and is a signature single from the band. The chorus chants “let the bodies hit the floor” gave them some supreme notoriety in metal and rock circles at the time of its release, and is well on its way to being a classic rock anthem. Track four is “All over me” and is another great single that stands out. Driven with a powerful guitar part, the lyrics and tempo of the song are catchy yet intense at the same time.

    If your looking for an overall great record that can execute harsh, intense sounds as well as progressive metal style approaches but retain a varied structure of lyrics and overall great musicianship, then look into Sinner by Drowning Pool. 11 songs in all, there isn’t a bad track on the album. I feel this was a band that despite moving on with another lead singer could have become a great overall rock/metal band going into the rest of this decade. This listener will miss knowing what future music Dave Williams and Drowning Pool might have brought to the table.

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now