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  • Drowning Pool’s 2001 debut is perhaps one of the most underrated, under appreciated and unrecognized albums of the decade. The strong fan base was there and still listens, but with the death of lead singer Dave Williams in 2002, the garnered steam that was launching this band out in front of the pack suddenly stalled. Drowning pool went from almost a household name to an afterthought in many musical circles. While bands like Godsmack, Disturbed, and System of a Down kept climbing the charts, the rest of us were left wondering what might have been with Drowning Pool.

    Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the intricate mixture of gripping vocals, heavy guitars and groovy beats that create an atmospheric yet simple style that stays with you long after you stop listening.

    The title track opens the album and has some superb vocals that are epic and vast reaching through a forefront of heavy guitars. Despite being less than three minutes long, the song has some depth as well as bite and is one of my favorite on the whole album. “Bodies” is the next track and is a signature single from the band. The chorus chants “let the bodies hit the floor” gave them some supreme notoriety in metal and rock circles at the time of its release, and is well on its way to being a classic rock anthem. Track four is “All over me” and is another great single that stands out. Driven with a powerful guitar part, the lyrics and tempo of the song are catchy yet intense at the same time.

    If your looking for an overall great record that can execute harsh, intense sounds as well as progressive metal style approaches but retain a varied structure of lyrics and overall great musicianship, then look into Sinner by Drowning Pool. 11 songs in all, there isn’t a bad track on the album. I feel this was a band that despite moving on with another lead singer could have become a great overall rock/metal band going into the rest of this decade. This listener will miss knowing what future music Dave Williams and Drowning Pool might have brought to the table.

    Posted on February 6, 2010