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  • This Texas quartet’s decision to make a nu-metal album which was less nu-metal than regular heavy metal was a wise one. “Sinner” not only went platinum, but it appealed to fans outside of the nu-metal genre. Drowning Pool don’t bother with the trendy hip-hop vocals; this is a band which rocks in old-school fashion, with heavy, gut-punching riffs. “Sinner” is also different from other nu-metal records, because frontman Dave Williams not only writes somewhat intelligent and introspective lyrics, but his vocal styles are also quite good; he sings, growls, howls and bellows equally as well.

    “Bodies” is Drowning Pool’s most famous song, so it’s obviously a stand out track, here. The verses are melodic, and they lead in, nicely, to the chorus, which is very cathartic. This song’s chorus (“Let the bodies hit the floor!”) is one of the most irresistably catchy chrouses I’ve heard, and this song is one of the best mosh-pit anthems I have ever heard. Elsewhere, “Tear Away” is a memorable, sing-along song about self-absorption, the title track has another chunky main riff and a very catchy chorus, “Reminded” has a good vocal hook alongside more mosh-worthy riffs and a huge chorus, “Pity” has choppy, surging, almost skipping riffs, “Mute” ties together good, melodic singing with wah-wah guitars, and “Sermon” is a heavy yet depressing tune about spiritual emptiness and needing God (“Where was God when I needed a friend?”).

    This album is full irresistible hooks, energy, intensity, excitement, and power. It is essential listening for all mosh-metal fans, rage rock fans, and nu-metal fans. And “Sinner” is heavy enough to make you a Drowning Pool fan even if you don’t like nu-metal. Do yourself a favor: buy this album, and honor Dave’s passing by playing it loud!

    Posted on February 6, 2010