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  • I love Drowning Pool. Even if I am a metalhead(Kataklysm, Nile, In Flames, Dark Throne, Dimmu Borgir etc) I still love this band. The leader singer just…to put it bland…rocks! His voice never gets annoying like a few bands(Otep, Limp Bizkit, Audioslave) Great CD. Now here’s the track by track.

    1. Sinner – 5/5 – Used to be my favorite. Lost interest but still deserves a 5/5 because the song is so beautifully played.
    2. Bodies – 3/5 – Overrated too much. The chorus gets on my nerves horribly but I’ll listen to it every once and a while
    3. Tearing Away – 5/5 – Awesome song. That guitar sounds pretty clean and nice. You gotta download this if you don’t have the CD
    4. All Over Me – 4/5 – Great track but the chorus lyrics are stupid.
    5. Reminded – 4/5 – Pretty good song. Love that intro.
    6. Pity – 5/5 – Awesome song. I like the “served on a plate…for all of you to eat” Second best song on this CD
    7. Mute – 2/5 – Meh…snore. Not worth downloading if you must download the cd.
    8. I Am – 1/5 – Horrible. Bad. The musicianship is good but the singing is gross. It’s like the lyrics faded out.
    9. Follow 10/5 – This is why this Cd gets 5 stars. Because of this song. This song is just…F#$%%ING GREAT! You MUST have this!
    10. Told You So – 5/5 – Love the intro. Good song, telling everyone to shut up.
    11. Sermon – 4/5 – Sounds to me like a religious song in the beginning. I don’t believe in a god(no I’m not a satanist, I’m an evolutionist) and well that’s what ruins it. Other then that it’s pretty good.

    One thing about this CD is how the lyrics get worse over time. Start at Sinner then skip to I Am and Follow. Then go back to Sinner. See the difference? Yeah that pissed me off. If you need to download this album, save your hardrive space by only downloading: “Follow” “Sinner” “Reminded” “Tearing Away” “Pity” and “Told You So”

    Overall it’s a great nu-metal CD…coming from a metal head!

    Posted on February 7, 2010