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  • This is a masterpiece. A “kult klassik”, as you’ll read below. There isn’t a bad song here. Sirens: early Savatage’s hymn, they play it even nowadays; Holocaust: great lyrics about a great disaster, very angry vocals as in most of the songs; I Believe: don’t be fooled by the slow beggining, the end is kinda hardcore thing, breathless; RAGE: raaaaaage!!!!!speed!!!!head-banging!!!!; On The Run: another rocker; Twisted Little Sister: oh this is funny, bizarre, makes me think of a sadomasoquism session; Living For The Night: hmmm… not bad but… redundant; Scream Murder: explosive bass!!one of the best in here; Out On The Streets: Savatage’s heavy ballads rule!!!; Lady In Disguise: great ballad; The Message: a little redundant too…As you see, in general it’s a great album! Jon Oliva’s vocals are… I can’t find the word, my limited english knowledge doesn’t allow me. They simply ROCK!!!!!!!

    Posted on February 10, 2010