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Skeletons in the Closet: Live

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  • First let me say that I have just recently discovered Gamma Ray. I am a big fan of power metal from the 80s and have been dismayed at the quality of music being offered these days. However, I stumbled across Helloween and then Gamma Ray and they blew my mind away!

    Kai Hanson is a musical genius in my opinion because he writes songs that have good melodies. You tend to remember his songs after a couple of times listening to it. You couple this with excellent and powerful guitar work and your have the makings of a truly great band.

    I must say that this live album collection of “B” songs is a great introduction to this band as a previous reviewer stated. Kai Hanson’s vocals have gotten better over time and I think his vocal style works better for the type of songs he writes.

    Bottom line: I’m happy as a clam. I have some power metal I can listen to. It’s a shame that there aren’t any really good power metal bands in the U.S. (at least that are known), but maybe that is because it is more popular in Europe now than here in the U.S. Whatever the case, all power metal fans should have this album in their collection.

    Posted on November 17, 2009