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Skid Row

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  • Even when I’m not in a hard rock mood, I can always listen to this album all the way through. Most of their ‘Big Haired’ peers might’ve only had one or two other good songs on their albums, besides the hits. That should tell ya something.1) Big Guns — Dirty lyric-filled, loud, slightly bluesy pop/metal anthem. A great opener.2) Sweet Little Sister — Fast paced, heavy, but also extremely catchy and somewhat poppy tune.3) Can’t Stand the Heartache — Only a teeny bit less heavy, but more of an arena rock ‘post love’ anthem. Very underrated and another highlight of the album you won’t hear on the radio.4) Piece of Me — One of the hits/videos. Probably the toughest, heaviest song on the album. An angry sounding, almost straight metal tune about fighting and partying. It’s still singable though.5) 18 & Life — The most well-known tune. A melodic but still hard-edged pop/power ballad about a suicidal guy named Ricky. A slight departure from what most of the era’s bands’ power ballads sounded like.6) Rattlesnake Shake — Yet again, a tough, streetwise hard rocker about an, umm, prostitute. Reminds me of something Guns N’ Roses would do.7) Youth Gone Wild — Another well known, shout-along rebellious (yet fun) anthem. Loud and heavy, yet slightly melodic.8) Here I Am — Not one of my favorites. A non-hit, rawer metal anthem.9) Makin’ A Mess — A fast paced hard rocker, but it strays from the ‘Get Chicks and Party’ theme of the album. A first person account of, what sounds like, spouse abuse. Told in an anti- kind of way, but not a ballad at all.10) I Remember You — The other power ballad of the album. A somewhat accoustic tune in parts, almost reminding me of Mr Big’s hit “To Be With You.” It still rocks, but it’s probably the lighest song here.11) Midnight/Tornado — Yet another underrated rocker that got away. This one has more of a melodic, power rock sound to it. It’s somewhat heavy as well, but it’s one of those songs even someone who isn’t a fan of hard rock could like.Even though I’d technically call this a heavy metal album, it’s actually pretty varied. It’s a little harder and meaner than Poison, Bon Jovi or Def Leppard. It’s not quite as rough and more melodic than Megadeth, Metallica or Guns & Roses. It’s more pop than Judas Priest or Iron Maiden. Yet it fits enough into all the afforementioned styles to be recommended to fans of any or all of those bands. The closest equivalent is probably Motley Crue.I highly recommend geting this album over their ‘Greatest Hits’, simply because there’s a number of cool, severely underrated songs here that you won’t find there, and are just as good as the 4 hits.

    Posted on February 20, 2010