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Skidoo / The Point

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  • Skidoo, with the exception of a handful of tracks, is probably Harry’s weakest release. It really doesn’t function outside the confines of a soundtrack album although the bits included here are, at turns, ok and amusing to listen to for fans. The real gems are the credits performed by Harry. With tounge firmly in cheek Harry manages to send up the Hollywood credits game (the ultimate one up manship in Hollywood. It’s not who you know but where your billed that matters).The Point! on the other hand is one of Harry’s most charming, witty and funny albums to listen to. There is a secret bonus track (although it’s mentioned in the book notes)(Spoiler alert!). OK, for those of you still with me the b side Buy My Record is included with this edition (just like it is on the DCC edition made in the US). So to paraphrase Harry, Buy this Compact Disc!Two 1/2 stars for Skidoo and Five for The Point!

    Posted on January 16, 2010