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  • Yet another Greatest Hits compilation by Zakk and his crew?? Why? We were damaged enough by Shot to Hell and how much of a mediocre album that was when you compare it to the first three albums in the BLS collection, but this is not the kind of album you follow up Shot to Hell with. We’ve all heard these songs before and we’ve probably downloaded all the “acoustic” versions of Stillborn that there is out there. Why not come out with some new material to re-energize the fanbase??

    I think BLS is a victim of their commercial success what with their merchandising and all that. It’s practically a brand name and the BLS letters have more hype behind them than actual substance. As a die-hard fan, I feel that the last 5 or 6 years of BLS have been a letdown musically and we’ve been suckered into the image of BLS rather than what made us fans of them in the first place. Great albums like Sonic Brew and Stronger Than Death. Please, Zakk. Put out another Metal album before you hang it up!

    Posted on March 5, 2010