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  • “From the mystic dreams of nighttime..”
    I did like the song Silver Bride a lot when I first played it. But when I was listening to Sky is Mine on Amorphis’s Myspace streaming, I really felt Tomi’s mystic voice is coming like a mystic dream of silent night!
    te mystic musical with mystic voiced Sky is Mine is probably the best song of the album with the best vocal work of Tomi Joutsen.
    Preliminary listens confirmed that the band was trying their hand at a more prog-oriented album, but it also appeared that they had pulled it off. It seemed that they had learned from their past mistakes and had retained the strong melodies, death growls and stylish keyboard accompaniment of the past but had integrated those elements into prog rock structures that pushed the clean vocals and choruses to the forefront. This blend of strong guitar melodies and catchy choruses resulted in an album that’s instantly appealing and enjoyable. Due to this outcome, it didn’t seem to matter that the death growls had been relegated mostly to a support role or that heavier sections were few.
    I waited for this album for a long, very long time. Since Eclipse, I tend to wait for every new Amorphis album.
    The third album with singer Tomi Joutsen (who our own MetalGeorge gives “savior” status to), Skyforger maintains that sinewy, gentle ebb that Eclipse ushered in. There’s no real aggression here, save for the direct knock-off of Opeth’s “The Grand Conjuration,” “Majestic Beast” which is a clunker. But for the most part, Skyforger rides Joutsen’s er, majestic voice, and Esa Halopainen’s lead guitar lines.
    Some graceful moments pop up during the chorus of “Sky Is Mine” and the opening strands of “From the Heaven of My Heart,” which have a nice, Tuonela feel to them. Probably the same can be applied for “My Sun,” which doesn’t leave much of an impression. “Highest Star” and “Course of Fate” do recall the more glorious moments of Eclipse, which emerge as the more redeeming moments on the album.
    this album is much much more melodic than their any other album and also Tomi has shown much more melodic and of course, mystic vocal work of him. Not to mention Esa and Tomi’s guitar works and Jan’s drums work.
    Skyforger is just a piece of best-ness. Its great in many ways which proves Amorphis will still be making such great albums for another long time!

    Posted on February 6, 2010