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  • Another awesome album by Amorphis in similar vein to their two previous albums.They seem to get the growling/clean vocal balance recipe just right.I noticed that track 6:My Sun bears an uncanny resemblance to a track from one of Dark Tranquillity’s albums.No sweat with that though because they’re another great band too.

    Something I noticed which other metal fans probably know already.This album sounded quite good on a portable device [minidisc player/stereo mode]but I played it on an old Pioneer stereo system with an old Sony full size cd player and a pair of new Athena bookshelf speakers.Boy,what a transformation in sound quality!I’m now thinking that perhaps the decline in the following of metal is caused by the portable audio phenomenon where you can no longer get to appreciate the richness of sound that you only seem to get with a home stereo system when listening to metal in particular.Forgive the digression from the album review.

    Posted on February 7, 2010