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  • I bought this disc the day it was released, and since then I’ve probably become the first person in history to wear out a CD. My dear old battered copy is scuffed, faded, skips all over the place in cheap CD players, its lyric book is faded from all the times I flipped through it, the works. Simply put, this wonderful little bundle is mindlessly cheerful, life’s-so-groovy-to-me optimism, done with that cartoonish sense of humour we’ve all grown to love so much… and it STILL manages to successfully slam the works of other so-called artists of the eighties like Bon Jovi with a ferociously fierce talent and creativity few had during that decade. No wonder Eddie Van Halen loathed it so much when it was released… because it and all of Dave’s other albums, as Eddie HIMSELF admitted, show who was the REAL heart and creative genius behind Van Halen! Every song is a winner from start to finish, there are gorgeous melodies everywhere that jaded headbangers will probably never understand or appreciate, and Steve Vai’s playing is stupendous. Roth reminds me so much of Led Zeppelin… back during the seventies, Led Zep (another fave rave of mine) were slammed ruthlessly by critics with each and every release, all whining about how “pretentious” and “unlistenable” the album was and how the last one was better, even though the same critics had slammed IT too! Same with Dave… each album he has done solo-wise is a masterpiece, and each one has been critically slammed, only to be praised when the next one came out in the precise same way. The only thing that kept Diamond Dave from being fully appreciated for being the multitalented musical genius that he was and is was the press’s and the public’s bias against him after Eddie did everything he could to ruin him (and now we all know WHO the real jerk was after 1996, now, don’t we?). The “Led Zeppelin 3″ of its time, SKYSCRAPER was a massive experiment for Dave as he challenged his audience with NEW strong points they never knew he had, one that was pulled off beautifully, and will hopefully one day get the critical applause and favour it so richly deserves. More, Dave! MORE!

    Posted on February 19, 2010